Science Roadshow classroom resources

Here you'll find a range of classroom activities and resources you can download.
(2020 Resource Book will be available January 2020)

2019 Resource Book

Our Resource Kit is designed to complement your visit to the Science Roadshow.

The kit is focussed on enhancing student learning outcomes through pre and post visit activities. It also contains a ready to use unit plan titled Useful Chemicals — He Matū whai hua.
The themes this year are: Forces — Ngā tōpana; Comparisons — Ngā whakatauritenga; Observations using measurements — Te mātakitaki mā te ine; Patterns, grouping, classification — He tauira, he whakarōpu, he kōmakatanga; Materials — Ngā matū; Models — He tauira.

2019 Resource Book

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The Rusty Nails

Cumulative results collected from students attending the Science Roadshow

Teacher guide notes for Curiosity Probe: The Rusty Nails.

The Rusty Nails

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2018 Themes: Astronomy;Ecology and Environment; Interpreting Representations; Reflection and Refraction; Sound; Spinning and Whizzing Unit Plan: Biodiversity Bioblitz

2018 Resource Book

2017 Themes: Electricity; Gravity; Heat; Human performance; Magnetism; Observations Unit Plan: Spectacular Changes

2017 Resource Book

2016 Themes: Pressure; My body; Gathering and interpreting data; Observations; Movement; Earth science Unit Plan: Mighty Materials

2016 Resource Book

2015 Themes: Applied Science; Astronomy; Forces; Light and Sight; Real Chemistry; Science Capabilities. Unit Plan: Electricity

2015 Resource Book

2014 Themes: Earth Science; Gravity; Heat; Nature of Science; Reflections; Sound. Unit Plan: Animals inside and out

2014 Resource Book

2013 Themes: Electricity and Magnetism; Human Perfornance; Life and Environment; Materials; Movement; Precious Energy. Unit Plan: Pressure
2013 Resource Book

2012 Themes: Forces; Light; The Human Body; Spectacular Changes; The Hidden World. Unit Plan: Light
2012 Resource Book

2011 Themes: Detection; Heat; Levers, Gears and Inclinded Planes, Sound; Quirky Curiosities; Sound. Unit Plan: Heat and Temperature
2011 Resource Book

2010 Themes: Electricity; Forces/Pressure; Health & Human Performance; Material World; Motion; Technology. Unit Plan: Motion
2010 Resource Book

2009 Themes: Astronomy; Gravity; How Thinks Work; Investigating Life; Light Reflections; Measurement. Unit Plan: Sustainability
2009 Resource Book


Activities for kids

Stuff kids can do at home... with a little supervision.

Making Slime!

3D Images

What is an anaglyph? An anaglyph is a type of 3D image created from two photographs taken slightly offset. You can use any red-cyan glasses to view these images.

Read all about anaglyphs on Wikipedia.
Pictures taken on Mars by NASA
Lots of pictures on Flickr