Our Staff

Ian Kennedy — Director

Ian joined the National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust (the trust) in 1992, after 12 years of secondary science teaching in Christchurch and Lower Hutt. He held positions of school science teacher, Head of Department and Science Advisor.

Ian has a total of 39 years of direct experience in the science and technology and promotion areas. In his early days with the Trust, Ian Managed the Telecom sponsored Technology-Science Roadshow. Ian has been instrumental in growing the activities of the Trust to the present day.

Under his stewardship the following major programmes of the Trust have been developed:

  • The Science-Technology Roadshow.
  • The Telecom IT Roadshow.
  • The Innovation Story.
  • Joule — the Science and Technology Promotion Hub.
  • The Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy.

Ian has been Vice-President of the Australasian Science and Technology Exhibition Network as well as Treasurer of Association of Science and Technology Centres (NZ). He has received a Royal Society of New Zealand medal in recognition of his services to science and technology promotion and education and was also CEO of Joule — New Zealand's Science and Technology Promotion Hub. He has also served on UNESCO (NZ) Science Sub-commission.

Tertiary Qualifications:

  • Certificate in Company Direction.
  • Diploma of Business Administration (Management).
  • Certificate of knowledge of law and practice.
  • Diploma of Teaching.
  • Bachelor of Science.
  • While Ian’s role as Director is largely administrative, he can still be found behind the wheel of a class 5 vehicle, or presenting science education programmes to students and teachers.

    Dave McLeod — Operations Manager

    Having come from a practical grounding, Dave commenced his working life as a Horticultural Cadet in the Kiwifruit industry. Having completed two additional qualifications in Horticulture at Massey University, he accepted a role with the Massey University Fruit Crops Unit, prior to moving to HortResearch (Plant & Food) as a Science Technician in the Environment Group.

    Dave joined the Roadshow Trust in June 1999, employed as Assistant Manager for the Telecom IT Roadshow, and soon after appointed Manager. His duties with the Telecom IT Roadshow included:

    • Programme presenter for student and teacher PLD — Enterprise education, Robotics, Web Development and Movie Making.
    • Programme design and development.
    • Mobile classroom operator and class 5 driver.
    • Technical and mechanical support.

    Dave transitioned into his current role of Operations Manager for the Roadshow Trust in 2002.
    His current role includes the following functions:

    • Operational and Digital oversight.
    • Digital development and technology integration for learning programmes.
    • Driver and class 5 mobile classroom trainer.
    • Programme presenter.

    Tertiary Qualifications:

    • Bachelor of Horticulture.
    • Diploma of Horticulture — Fruit Production.
    • Horticultural Cadetship — Kiwifruit Production

    Dave has maintained the capability to perform all delivery roles within the Roadshow Trust and can be found on road from time to time. Dave also serves his local community, as a Volunteer Firefighter for Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

    Maureen Jones — Administration Manager

    Maureen joined the Roadshow in 1997. Maureen is the primary point of contact for our external customers that are largely schools, corporate clients and government agencies. Leveraging a range of technologies and systems,
    Maureen's role encompasses the following broad areas:

    • Communications and reporting.
    • Tour scheduling and securing venues.
    • Staff travel.
    • Financial.

    Caroline Kennedy — Multimedia Designer

    Caroline joined the Roadshow in March 2003. Caroline is an avid photographer and you can view some of her work here www.instagram.com/latentimagenz. Caroline has exhibited work in several group exhibitions and competitions, and has won a handful of awards for her efforts.

    Caroline’s responsibilities include:

    • Print — context boards, labels, vehicle graphics.
    • Websites — html, php, css and FileMaker.
    • Customer enquiries.

    Tertiary qualifications:

    • Diploma in Multimedia.
    • Diploma in Computer Graphic Design.
    • Diploma in Fine Art.
    Mary Hurley — Science Roadshow Manager

    Mary joined the Roadshow in March 2021. She strongly believes science should be accessible for everyone, which is why she values this role and the work she has within the team. She has a passion for sustainability and the environment, and hopes to find her niche within the science communication sphere. Prior to joining the Roadshow, Mary worked within the biosecurity/biodiversity sphere throughout the Auckland region. In her spare time, Mary writes for The Lovepost — an alternative ‘slow media’ platform.

    Tertiary Qualifications:

    Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communications and Political Science & International Relations
    Postgraduate Diploma of Science in Environmental Management (Distinction)

    Campbell McIntosh — Science Roadshow Assistant Manager

    Campbell joined the Roadshow in February 2021. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry specialising in inorganic synthetic chemistry. He sees science as a lifetime passion and career. Campbell is thrilled to be travelling the country with the Science Roadshow providing children with a positive, interactive experience. He has a range of interests including philosophy, psychology and board sports. He looks forward to further engagement with all the characters one meets on the road.

    Ben Kunath — Science Roadshow Presenter

    Ben joined the Roadshow in August 2021. He believes that science should be something that is fun and accessible to everyone. Before joining the roadshow, Ben volunteered with the WHS Science Buskers, where he helped the up and coming scientists to expand their scientific knowledge as well as have fun in the lab. In his spare time, Ben enjoys flying drones, watching planes and experimenting with science in his kitchen.

    Praveen Vadakkedath — Science Roadshow Presenter

    Praveen joined the Roadshow in June 2021. He has a passion for science communications and loves connecting with people. During his doctoral studies at the University of Auckland, he has actively participated in science outreach programs across schools in Northland. His mission is to motivate and inspire public especially students to become excited and broaden their horizons in science and technology to distinguish good science from bad science and misinformation.

    Before joining the Roadshow, he has worked on academic projects related to topics including nanomaterials in drug delivery, enzyme studies, renewable LPG, and sustainability. Recently, he worked for a big winery in Marlborough during the vintage of 2021 because of his interest in wine making. He has a range of other interests including movies and movie-making; acting and dramatics; cricket; football; F1 Championship; traveling and trekking.

    Tertiary Qualifications:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology
    Master’s Degree in Nanotechnology
    PhD in Chemistry

    Peter Smith — Education Manager (Part-time)

    Peter is an independent consultant and MOE Science Facilitator who runs his own publishing resource and consulting business, specialising in science education. Until recently he was Full-time Education Manager of the Roadshow Trust and prior to that:

    • Liaison Manager at Lincoln University.
    • Science Education lecturer at Christchurch Polytechnic.
    • Education Manager at Science Alive!
    • Teaching Fellow at Lincoln University.
    • High school senior biology teacher.

    Peter is the lead developer and presenter for the Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy. He has a long term relationship with the Roadshow Trust, prior to full-time employment and we expect this relationship to continue. His main area of interest is interactive hands-on science and how this enhances learning experiences.

    Tertiary Qualifications:

    • Diploma of Teaching — Distinction.
    • Senior Scholar and Honours degree in Zoology.
    Madeleine Collins – Presenter, Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy (Part-Time)

    Madeleine has been teaching for over 16 years. She has taught science at all year levels from year 0 to year 13, teaching in England, Switzerland as well as New Zealand. Her most recent full-time role was lead teacher of Science at Laingholm Primary School, where she implemented a broad science programme.

    Madeline is currently an independent contractor in science professional development. She is deeply passionate about science and truly believes New Zealand is on to a winning formula with the Nature of Science in our curriculum.